Doing What We Can CD

Notes about  “Doing What We Can” :

Tray Eppes - vocals, guitar and harmonica

Jo Ann Eppes - bass and harmony vocals

Tom Espinola - mandolin on “Late Night Friend

This collection of songs has been with me for a while. Several false starts recording and numerous rewrites later, long time friend Tom Espinola moved his recording studio to the Cowpalace and we recorded the songs live.

        In addition to teaching, performing, and composing, Tom is sought after for recording and producing folk music. His clear and honest acoustic style can be heard on his own Feather River (Rounder Records) and Which Way Waltz (Creative Life Recordings), as well as Steve Smith's Desert Night, Franklin Taggart's Falling All the Way, Rick and Audrey’s Sense of Wonder, ShoSho's Days and Years, and Carolyn Fischer's A Rumor in the Mill. That being said, Tom is a great guy to hang out with.

His recording visions lead to this live rendition of our songs. Three separate 2-day sessions where we recorded all 10 songs numerous times only keeping the versions we liked. Sitting in an acoustically tuned room with 2 condenser mikes, Jo Ann’s bass amp behind my chair, we played guitar, bass, and harp and sang, recording the stereo image.  Tom corrected microphone phase and placement, putting us where he wanted us in the stereo field. It’s a fun way to record.  The microphone stand and chair placement was marked on the floor to keep the image consistent from session to session.  Tom said it would be obvious which versions we want.  And it was.

   We greatly appreciate the attention Tom put into this recording.  

  There is a lot to consider when putting a CD together. Not the least of which is the artwork.  Jo Ann Bawiec took the pictures we used for the cover, including the brick wall of our outdoor shower.  Jo Ann Eppes decided which pictures to use where and how things should look. All this had to come together using the latest software so we could upload to Discmakers to be replicated for the CD jackets. That would have been a problem for us had it not been for our dear friend Rodney Adams.  Rodney had no problem putting it together and making it look great.  He was even available to go back and do it again to add several parts I had forgotten to include. I did mention there is a lot to consider when putting a CD together.

Its no act CD

Notes about “It’s No Act”  :

Tray Eppes - vocals, guitars, harmonica, percussion, congas and drums

Pat Lawrence  -   acoustic bass and bowed acoustic bass

Gordon Smith -   drums, congas, and B3 organ

Bill Gurley -   violin and mandolin and harmony vocal 

Jo Ann Eppes -   percussion

Al Franklin -    harmony vocals

Sid and Cassie Hagan -    harmony vocals

  These songs were recorded in Jo Ann-land Studio here at our home on a Tascam 38 1/2” 8 track reel to reel tape machine with a Mackie 1604 mixing board. After settling on tempos, basic guitar and vocal tracks laid out the songs to be colored in with other instrument tracks.

Living On The Heights CD

“Living On The Heights” release 1993 was my first CD.

Recorded on a 2” 16 track tape machine.  I played all the parts.

It’s still out there but not currently available for sale.

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